MCL – Modular Containment Laboratory

The Modular Containment Laboratory may be configured for biological safety risk profiles ranging from BSL-1 to BSL-3, as well as ABSL-3.  Engineering solutions are offered to align with local requirements and specific risk procedures.

SoLab – Solar energy PCR laboratory

The SoLab is idealy suited to BSL-1 or BSL-2 procudures, especially where PCR molecular technology is used, on account of its inherent energy effieciency.  Engineering solutions are offered to align with energy load, work load, local solar exposure and biological safety requirements.

LabTrailer – Mobile laboratory

The LabTrailer is suited to BSL-1 procedures where a high degree of field mobility is required.  Engineering solutions align with general mobility requirements.  The LabTrailer is well suited to outreach programmes or field laboratory work.