Based on the very successful “Togatainer”,  LIS develops and manufactures modular diagnostic laboratories tailored to client requirements.  We take into account specific diagnostic test menus, assays and work flow – all to provide you with optimal use of space.

Modular diagnostic laboratories are thermally insulated.  Internal walls and thermal cladding is constructed with 40mm water resistant polymerized styrene enveloped with 0.6mm metal sheeting.  Polymerized styrene is chemically resistant to brine, fresh water, mineral acids (except concentrated nitric), alkalis and most vegetable oils.  Though combustible, the envelopment of expanded polystyrene between layers of metal sheeting is regarded as a fire retardant.

Floor surfaces in the laboratory are covered with 2mm bacteria and stain resistant industrial vinyl with welded seams.  Vinyl is also available in range of colours.

Internal furniture and fittings are selected for durability in a laboratory environment.  Two options for work surfaces are offered:  The work benches are offered in either ISO standard melamine or Corian®, in a range of colours.  These benches are secured to specially designed modular steel frames suited to carry the weight of laboratory equipment.  Purpose fitted steel laboratory cabinets are also available in a range of configurations and applications.  This includes special safety cabinets for acids and fire hazard fluids.   Optional mobile cabinets on castor wheels are also available.  The use of stainless steel basins with medical action faucets is standard practice.

Internal doors are fitted with safety glass windows, hydraulic door closers and D-type brushed aluminium pull handles. All doors are fitted with door seals.  All internal keys match for ease of control.

As many as four skylights are fitted throughout the laboratory to allow for natural light, enhancing the work environment of employees and contributing to a sense of spaciousness.  Optional burglar deterrent expanded metal cages may be fitted over sky lights.

Electrical reticulation is specifically prescribed and included to enhance reliability and to avoid nuisance tripping of circuits.  Provision is made to connect to an 80 Ampere, three phase connection through an electrical distribution board.  The distribution board carries a lightning arrestor, twelve of 20 ampere switch socket circuits, two light fitting circuits, three air conditioner circuits – all controlled via the lockable distribution board.  Dual compartment recessed power skirting above work surface level distributes via ample allowance of circuitry to socket outlets.   Lighting is by way of five fluorescent tube fittings (400 lux) with diffuser lenses.  Optional damp proof light fittings can be installed when needed.


This level of laboratory is ideally suited for remote rural clinics where there is a need to improve quality of laboratory results by implementing a high quality laboratory environment.  It is also suited for settings where low level bio containment laboratory infrastructure may enhance patient screening in research studies.